Aqualand Manufacturing, Inc.

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Aqualand's Capabilities:

Aqualand Manufacturing has been in business for more than 40 years, and continues to enjoy fiscal growth, as well as ongoing new product introductions. We have two divisions ...metal fabricating and powder coating. We also have the ability to design your product idea from conception to finished product, in the quantity you need, with the quality you demand.

Metal Fabrication:

Our fabricating plant is capable of working with either aluminum or metal, with shear capabilities to 1/4 inch. We presently have short and long run operations capabilities. Our proprietary products include, but are not limited to:

Powder Coating:

Powder Coating is a long lasting alternative to the traditional 'wet paint' finishing. The Powder Coat process is a 'state of the art' finishing technology which utilizes thermo-set powders. These powders are electro statically charged and applied to a grounded part, as opposed to a coating which requires a liquid medium, such as water or solvent. The powder melts onto the surface of the part giving a uniform appearance that is run free and sag free. this part, when cured and cooled, may be milled or drilled without damage to the immediate surrounding area. Powder coatings can be applied at thickness equal to modern liquid coatings. The benefits of powder coat technology include: