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Pier Parts

Blue Powder Coat Pier Rails:

Part# Color Size Weight
AQ192 Blue 6' 15 lbs
AQ193 Blue 8' 20 lbs
AQ190 Blue 10" 25 lbs

Aluminum Pier Rails:

Part# Color Size Weight
ALP01 Aluminum 6' 6.5 lbs
ALP06 Aluminum 8' 8 lbs

Regular Stands:

High quality stands provide the support for your do-it-yourself pier, in the width that's right for you.

Aqualand regular stand image
Part# Color Size Weight
AQ211 Blue 2' 17 lbs
AQ217 Blue 4' 22.5 lbs
AQ219 Blue 6' 30 lbs
AQ221 Blue 8' 38 lbs
ALP09 Aluminum 2' 6 lbs
ALP08 Aluminum 4' 11 lbs
ALP12 Aluminum 6' 15 lbs
ALP13 Aluminum 8' 18.5 lbs

Special Stands:

A special stand is required if you pier plans call for either an "L" or "T" configuration.

Aqualand Special Stand
Part# Color Size Weight
AQ212 Blue 2' 17 lbs
AQ218 Blue 4' 24 lbs
AQ220 Blue 6' 32 lbs
AQ222 Blue 8' 37.5 lbs
ALP15 Aluminum 2' 6 lbs
ALP18 Aluminum 4' 11.5 lbs
ALP19 Aluminum 6' 15.5 lbs
ALP20 Aluminum 8' 19 lbs

3rd Legs:

A third leg is used to create either an "L" or a "T" section on your new pier.

Aqualand 3rd leg image
Part# Color Size Weight
AQ247 Blue 2' 11 lbs
AQ001 Blue 4' 19 lbs
AQ004 Blue 6' 36.5 lbs
AQ005 Blue 8' 34 lbs
ALP11 Aluminum 2' 5 lbs
ALP04 Aluminum 4' 10 lbs
ALP00 Aluminum 6' 13 lbs
ALP02 Aluminum 8' 17 lbs

Shore Anchor:

Aqualand Shore Anchor imageAnchors your pier securely to the shoreline.

Part# Color Size Weight
AQ204 Regular Blue 2' 4 lbs
AQ205 Regular Blue 4' 7.5 lbs
AQ206 Regular Blue 6' 11 lbs
AQ207 Regular Blue 8' 15 lbs

Deep Water Braces:

Aqualand Deep Water Braces imageDeep water bracing is added to piers that are in deep water. They are designed to help eliminate swaying.

Part# Color Weight
AQ138 Blue 13 lbs
ALP25 Silver 13 lbs

Aqualand EZ Bracket imageE-Z Brackets:

Designed for the do-it-yourselfer who want to build a wooden framed pier. The Aqualand E-Z Bracket is designed to work with1 1/2 inch pipe, and is plenty strong enough to supports up to 2 x 6 wooden beams.

Part# Color Weight
AQ289 Blue 4 lbs

Aqualand "Stay NPlace" Basepad imageStay 'N Place Base Pad:

The Sta 'N Place base pad is another exclusive Aqualand feature, a fully adjustable pier leg base which stays put all season long. No shifting and no continuous adjustment. Install it once and be done.

Part# Weight
AQ013 5 lbs