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Track Systems

The Aqualand Track and Carriage System is designed to conveniently transport your marine equipment into a boathouse, or storage area for maintenance, protection, and security. Theft, algae, high winds, and rough weather are no longer a problem. The system is available in kit form, and can be shipped anywhere in the world. You also have the added benefit of being able to have your Aqualand Track and Carriage System custom built to meet your specific requirements. The track and carriage System works together with Aqualand's portable piers and docks to form a total docking arrangement that is functional for both you and your passengers.


Easy Access

The boat is situated on the carriage, secured in place, and transported from the water, to the boathouse, and back.

Heavy Duty Track

The tubular galvanized steel design minimizes clogging and jamming that is inherent with certain types of tracks.

The Carriage

The carriage is adjustable, rolls on flanged wheels and can be easily adapted to fit a large variety of boats, including; inboards, outboards, and pontoon boats.

The Shore Line

Track and Carriage System can be installed on almost any type of shore line, ranging from gradual sloping beaches, to abrupt embankments.

Removable Track Section

Aqualand's split and removable section track design allows for easy operation. The removable section eliminates the cutting or notching of your boathouse door and allows for complete closure.

Pontoon System

Aqualand's Track and Carriage System is perfect for pontoon boats, rafts, or other marine equipment. The system provides a quick and easy way to move your pontoon boat to a safe haven from a pending storm, or other potential dangers.

Power Winch

The electric 1 1/2 horse power winch drives a continuous loop of 1/4 inch cable that moves the carriage in or out of the water. The winch is mounted in the boathouse, near the front of the track system.